Express News – Noticias Latinoamericanas
Concurso Camaradas: un espacio México-británico 
May 2013 – in Spanish

Aculco Media
Wind: La técnica aplicada en la simulación
Brunela Curcio – June 2013 – in Spanish

Vibrations – Art Journal for Creative Writing
Art Frequencies, by  Roberto Becerra
Journal Article, January, 2014.

Kauno Diena – Lithuanian News in Kaunas
ŠILAINIAI rang Fort Tunnels – roaring siren and artists’ projects
News Article, October, 2016. In Lithuanian

Echo Gone Wrong –  international contemporary art daily on-line
Photo reportage from the sound art exhibition ‘STEREOSCOPUS’ at the Arka gallery
Online article, March, 2022. 

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