A phenomenon that has drawn my attention for a while is the natural shapes that form when different objects are set to vibrate. The easiest example is that of sand on a vibrating plate, creating shapes that resemble plants, bones, living beings, even galaxies! or what is more exiting to me: cities, maps, motorways and their flow!!

That NATURALLY leads to the thought of our societies being part of the same natural process of vibration and its possible expression on different frequencies, and how they can change, interact, move or stay still. So, I would like to say that all our cultural, social, political, economical expressions are not so separated from nature and its ways of shaping reality. And in the same fashion, is easy to think that only functional shapes evolve or stay.

‘Archetypal dynamic structures result from timeless natural processes that involve the patterns, relationship, interactions and transforma- tions of energy.’                            -Ronald A. Pellegrino-                                                                    .