More succesful tests

Some more tests at Kings Buildings´ today!

After having issues with the keys to the Acoustics Lab, I spent some time patching and getting some user interfaces for the Max programs used in the spatialisation installation.

After that, circular movement of virtual sources is now happening, with variable radius and X & Y offset. The woofer is also working now, I got a cable from the anechoic room and did the necessary filtering to route frequencies below 100 Hz.

On this later issue there is something to mention: I found a Jamoma patch that splits the multicable signal coming from the ViMiC module into its respective channels, to be later treated independently. Well, I couldn´t get it working, so I did a rough filtering on all sources´ inputs, but this is not very good as it does not works in parallel with the muting/soloing/volume-changin of the sources on the ViMiC module, so this is a thing to fix.

Other than that, the system seems to be working solid. Next step is to add MIDI controlling to all the knobs used on the patches!