Fractal Streaming!

I have created a structure on Max MSP that reads a file with one column of numbers, created on Excel and saved as .csv (comma separated values) and then sends them on a bus to an interface where different types of data can be selected. Among the data that can be selected there are csv files, audio files, pure tones, noise and audio inputs from the current sound system. This data can be retrieved with an adjustable frequency ,that can also be mapped into another data stream, which frequency can be mapped to another data stream, which frequency can be mapped into another data stream…

This selection of Data Streaming is abstracted to create the file named IO_StreamSelect.maxpat that can be inserted elsewhere in Max MSP to retrieve numbers or signals coming from the previously mentioned sources. This data stream can then be used as sound sources to process with the ViMiC modules. This means that sounds can be synthesized, sampled or reproduced, by reading csv files, pure tones, etc. Later on, this synthesized sound’s coordinates on the virtual space created by ViMiC can be mapped to another data stream.

The csv files can be data coming from analysis spreadsheets used to study bacteria, the stock market, population growth, etc., used to create and spatialise sounds.

Más refinamiento en proceso…

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