Patterns, art & technology

Science and technology are the product of our understanding of reality. Art is as well.

The expression of the human experience, through art, provokes emotions that are stored within us and very often convey a message in the direction of further constructing our understanding.

What is there to grasp through science or art? Our self-conscious makes us now look for novel ways of interpreting ourselves, express and keep us alive instinctively in an ever increasing complexity of multi-states. Entropy.

Then, either through art or science, we see the patterns of nature. And use them to our advantage, to become fitter and survive. Out of awareness, the same as out of strength.

That is, patterns of nature, in all existing structures, from the cells to their organization in a colony, a community and a population. The same natural patterns occur on a flower or a galaxy, in the brain or a spider web, in a self-aware creature, and it’s so called society. Visions of science that very often serve as art roots in the form of knowledge.

Technology itself, in an abstract way, should be following the same shapes. The same with knowledge.

In this way, technology progression should be recursive, spiralling in fractals. Then, similar iterations of knowledge and patterns of structures are formed in scientific knowledge, the technology it creates, and our social interaction, emotions, language, policies and all human activity.

Patterns of abstract concepts, arranged in the same shape of a tree. Happening also in art topics and other creations of the mind. The mind, and the brain itself is a sort of cauliflower.


It would follow that the selves, the minds, the brains, and their beautiful art pieces, are the product of evolving vegetables. This approaches the thought of the lack of a real free will, at a species level, and the ground level free will perceived could be analogue to the inherent noise of any energy signal.

Science, art, technology, creativity, would be consequences of entropy. Almost nihilistic.  The relationship can be the continuum of human awareness and lucidity, to understand, communicate and create, secure a more successful existence.

What we can do is to enjoy the infatuation of admiring patterns, and the knowledge they give us, like pleasure enticing us to approach transcendence.  Is that really where we are heading?

Science presents new crystallized images that serve as seminal thoughts for the unfolding of consequences of the human experience, later transcribed to a poem, a song, maybe a painting. This is the technology that enables question to arise, and visions to thrive.

Art creation, same as science, presents the pattern of the search for understanding which will be seated on the origin of communication and language, with the intent of reinforcing, celebrating our new mental gains, and a natural mechanism to assure our success.

In short, technology is the tool of survival, while art is the product of the surplus given thanks to technology. Art then pushes awareness further, and the acquired agility provokes more innovation. Further development and success.

Then, the act of seeing the cycle complete from one realm to the other, brings to the front the shape of the pattern we are following as we evolve as whatever it is that we are. Matter only.

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