MQTT Client – Android

MQTT Patterns is an Android application that implements an MQTT Client using the Eclipse Paho library. The code, which is  the biggest asset of this project, is open source and is available in GitHub, and the app in PlayStore.

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As part of a development aiming at being a proof of concept, deploying Internet of Things (IoT) functionality, connecting real world, hardware devices (i.e. sensors, actuators, etc.) in a variety of circumstances, up to the cloud, we have developed this Android app that uses lightweight communication protocol MQTT.

This application is to work as a module in a larger IoT infrastructure, where hardware devices connect and send information to an android client, then communicating to the cloud, with interfaces in all of these steps, and interaction/control also in between all these layers.

MQTT Patterns can be modularly modified (the code is available in the link above) to accommodate different scenarios. One of which could be for instance Bluetooth Low Energy connection to a field sensor. Such connection can be bidirectional and the Android app can serve as monitoring tool of data generated in the field.

There are several ways in which this development can be used. Either by modifying the code and adapting it to any need, or by testing connectivity to an already implemented broker, such as an online server. This can be used as a tool to test other MQTT or IoT developments.

After, that data can be uploaded to a server, analysed, processed, graphed, and the graphs also rendered in the local Android device, thus integrating the Internet of Things, translating the real world and things into data flowing to a system satisfying any analysis requirement or patterns. Hence the name.