Birds Antenna

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Near our house in Rosarito there is a power plant from CFE, just by the PEMEX facilities, the one and only national oil company (read monopoly) in Mexico. They are an important part of the landscape on the beach, which makes it look very invasive for the environment.

To and from them there are some huge high power transmission lines, those structures that are a type of posts, or antennas which support the wires.

I really enjoy the sound of those high levels of voltage, vibrating in the air and electrifying the surroundings.

Birds also seem to be attracted to such, and they use this structure as a meeting point in the middle of the day. I looked for them in the morning and at night, but only close to noon did I find their social meetings.

The echo and sounds of the structure, the frequency of the bird songs, and of the electricity, they cause on me visions or ideas about the human infrastructure and these animals’ as well in particular. Their interaction with the electromagnetic fields we generate, and whether they like it or not.

From there it follows that the topic lends itself for the exploration of a sound sequence that goes from indistinct birds to humming birds, easily recognizable, and a deformation, oniric maybe, inspired by the sound of birds, the structure of their singing, of electricity and our interaction and understanding of such a thing.

To do this piece I used sounds of humming birds from the Macaulay library, sounds I recorded from such places and birds, and Ableton live for the processing and synthetic sound adding.