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Spatialization ( Spatialisation ) supports 8 speakers.

This Device creates spatial sound by calculating delays and gains for a multichannel system.

Download here.

This Device will take the sound from the INPUT and ‘move’ it across the room where it is used. “Locating it somewhere” in the space. It does so by changing the gain and delay of the signal sent to the channels.It uses an up to 8 speakers.

The YELLOW circle indicates where the sound position in the room.

For the sound to work, set the dimensions of the listening room and move the NUMBERED circles to match the position of the speakers in your room.

The exponent ‘q’ is used to alter the effect of distance in the intensity decay of the sound, influencing the gain ‘g’ and time delay between speakers.

It will work by sending a delayed signal to another track. This track should be enabled to receive the signal, by using a SpacerReceive maxforlive device (included in the zip file), and setting the output to the desired speaker on the DAW.

i.e. to use 6 speakers, you would use 6 [return] tracks with a SpacerReceive object in each of them, specifying which channel it will receive, and set to output to any channel of a soundcard. In the Spacer device, you will enable the speakers you want and their position.

The devices uses plugsend~ and plugreceive~. Although it is supposed to not be supported and I read quite a few complaints about its behavior, it has been tested to work properly with up to 9 instances of Spacer and 8 channels setup.

The reason to use these objects and not the LOM to modify the send’s is that I wanted to have delay control, and the track delay in Live is not accessible with the LOM, so this is one solution that I implemented.

Also, the device has OSC over WiFi capability to control Input Gain, Decay and the position of the Source with an XY pad. This has been tested with Android apps that handle OSC messages.

It also includes the possibility to automate the movement of the sound source by using Lissajous curves or patterns.

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