Branching Processes

Roberto Becerra – Muzika Erdveje Festivalis (Sept 2019)

Branching processes is a sound art installation in Cvirkos parkas.


The title refers to visions of the artist about the organic patterns of energy and information transmission. Such process branches into a myriad of expressions.

The artist pays attention to the mechanisms by which information is carried, and exchanged between organisms. Processes that derive into what we conceive as language —Information that is transferred is also the cause of a drive in subjects, and so intentional exchange happens which touches in our understanding of abstraction layers in the mental networks

Visions such as the physical structures of synapses being the so called meaning picture, arranged in archetypical patterns, found also in other forms of matter. This is a structural view of language, communication and mental processes along with our understanding of emotions.

In the artist’s eyes, the nature of language intertwines with the nature of sound, and that of the shapes and patterns of physical objects. Then the patterns of brain activity representing language for social interactions carry with them, in some way, certain similitude with the geometries of the dynamics of information and information transfer. This, involved in the language/emotion based communication.

The location is selected because the artist wants to display these ideas in a context that includes the presence of nature.



The installation consists of a sound art composition, joined by a discrete sculpture at the listening area. The composition consists of a multitrack work of natural sounds, sounds of language, rhythmical patterns and a variety of field recording material, aimed to create the mood in the concept. The composition will loop every 30min.

Text from the installation:

Endemic rhythmical patterns in language and energy exchange contain information about cultural worldviews.

Speakers in this piece were captured at a heightened emotional state. By the manner in which such emotions are expressed and through the lens of language, regional attitudes are glimpsed. This is also a comment on the prevalence of emotions and the shape they take by region.

Language and then emotions.

Language, and the information processing that communication is in the brain, take shapes that exist beyond anthropological forms, organised in natural patterns. Cognitive processes mirror archetypes in nature, bound to develop into language.

Matter, energy and its processes, exchange in organic structures. There is no not being natural.

Thoughts of linguistic structure, never necessarily verbalised.

Mental pictures determining behaviour, social interaction. Extending into networked collective character.

Vast amounts of information reach the cortex, travel and feedback and form abstraction layers that scape normal awareness. These provide results for convoluted, dense data processing, through intuition and emotions. After all, not so dismissible.

Whereas some state that creativity is not the final result of a deliberate and mechanical computation, it could also be the fed-back erratic product of an incessant drive to produce ideas and mental projections, re-assessed and iterated until reaching a satisfying outcome.

Inflexions of language, convey an emotional state, high rates of information about a state of mind, about a point in knowledge and a mental image. Communication is more than the expressed words, it is the expansive meaning branching from them.

Collective brain bricklaying over millennia. Across nature.

The trees are speaking.

An imaginary landscape in which technology forms representations of natural systems.

A synthetic landscape of events and sounds that reminisces of natural forms that could be.

Layered samples of voices draw a rhythmical, almost musical pattern, emphasising the emergence of shapes of language, mounted on organic relations of vibrations.

A variety of interaction between signals, derive in the interdependency of factors on the evolution of processes generating patterns.

This is not only the natural environment, but an artificial soundscape that starts by blending in with recorded and processed birds and ambience, morphing to complete abstractions of natural systems.

The degradation of digital audio resembles the optimisation of communication; erosion of sounds, of words, that transform their shape and meaning over the abstracting passing of time.

Textures of sound waves coincide with the communication and codification of messages over channels. Dynamics of information exchange, and sounds arrangement, that could acquire meaning and turn into words.

By mixing the easily cognizable input of chirps, the concept of nature serves as a vehicle to arrive at inductions of language in a synthetic order.

There is intentional avoidance of the exhausted resource of short loops, challenging the messages that can be crafted, in a physical and spatial experience, contrasting with a purely compositional one.

Nihilism of modern human conditions.

But we have put our hands on it.

Cvirka would have liked to speak about language.

We think of the origin of things, like voices and words.

The evolution of the interaction of sounds and the images they evoke start to dig into the thoughts of the nature and emergence of language.

But, documentation probably makes for a more static language, since a particular form is favoured and sanctioned in an organised, larger-than-life time frame. Self directed evolution.

Nevertheless, dynamism in the nature of language exchange, information flow and communication will beget new shapes in oral tradition.