In One Piece

In One Piece is firstly a piece by painter Amilcar Rivera, for which a collaboration was made between himself, Composer Manuel Velázquez and artist Roberto Becerra. The collaboration consisted in adding a piece of multichannel sound art/music to the drawing to produce an installation that was exhibited in Lukiškių kalėjimas 2.0‘s Chapel, between 16 and 26 of September 2021. Vilnius, Lithuania.

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by a live performance by Composer Manuel Velázquez, artist Roberto Becerra and Clarinetist Ignas Daniulis.

Following is the text from the event:

The drawing is part of the continuity of the work of Amilcar Rivera, the characters that he created a few years ago and have evolved, in different spaces, atmospheres.
It presents a long format drawing (60 x 1000 cm) with the graphite technique on paper. The reflection that the author makes is on the stoic position, despite everything that we live today we must continue, there is a small hope that we must continue looking for, to remain in one piece.The exhibition consists of two parts, the visual one, with the large-format drawing and a sound installation composed by Manuel Velázquez and Roberto Becerra, composers who will make a specific piece for the exhibition. With this multidisciplinary collaboration, a piece of contemporary art is created with sound and no convencional format for a drawing