Speaking Reality (Realybės kalbejimas)

Prepared for: Druskomanija Festival
At Naktinis Vilniaus Avilys
Sound art installation / 6 channels audio / 6 acrylic paintings
Loop duration: 12min45sec
16 May 2022


“Speaking reality into existence”. Through language society creates reality that eventually persists. Paying attention to the apparent clash of views and opinions about current and timeless topics, the artwork looks to materialise the problem of communication. A problem perhaps never to be solved, but nevertheless for us to understand, acknowledge, and appreciate when communication and agreement briefly succeeds. 

From the artwork’s perspective, the persistent or dominant reality expressed in language, is that which we are closer to, and what becomes local or more intelligible. What is the role of sound and its relationship with natural patterns? What about music?

The artwork is a sound installation consisting of 6 speakers divided in two groups of 3, one in front of the other. In the centre, the listener should hear a dissonant, chaotic and unintelligible cacophony, of changing spoken discourses and subtle musical motives. The speakers are place behind 6 canvases that are painted all white on one of the speaker groups, and black on the other.

As the listener approaches one side or another of the room, a certain narrative and/or motive becomes more apparent and intelligible. A metaphor of the communication problem and difference in world-views. 

Stereo reduction of the 6 channel installation composition